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Larissa Albagli: "The trip was incredible, a great way to relax before the daily routine, disconnecting from the technologies, and connecting more with religion and with new friends.  The trip was awesome! I would do it all over again and I can not wait for the next trip! "

Bruno Waissmann: "First of all I would like to thank Rabbi Benjamin, Mozart and their families for providing me with a very good and well organized trip, the food was top notch and the programming as well.
There I COuLD TRY A very beautiful shabbat
And I hope they have other trips soon. "

Karina Roizenblit: The ranch was very beautiful and it was nice to get out of the city to get in touch with nature. The people of the trip made it very fun. The meals were very tasty and I could be more connected to Judaism. "

Hanna Nahon: "An Incredible Journey, Those Days Were FOR Learning and Reflection, Days to get closer to religion and friends, to disconnect from work, technology and connect with our hearts, to be closer to nature and OUR SELvES. These few days that make a difference in OUR LIvES! see you at the next one! "




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